Doug Matthews

U-High Class of 1964 Reunion Photos

Photos from Lab days 1960-1964 (or earlier) - waiting for submission by classmates
The following are Doug Matthews' photos:
Photos from 30th Reunion in 1994
Photos from 40th Reunion, Friday Evening June 4, 2004
Photos from 40th Reunion, Saturday Picnic, June 5, 2004

Photos from 40th Reunion, Saturday Evening June 5, 2004
Photos Around Hyde Park, Saturday, June 5, 2004
Link to Alex Conn's photo's from June 4-5, 2004
Photos from 50th Reunion, Friday Evening June 6, 2014
Photos from 50th Reunion, Saturday Picnic, June 7, 2014

Photos from 50th Reunion, Saturday Evening June 7, 2014
Photos Around Chicago, June 2014

If you have photos - we'll post them on your own page on this web site. Send a CD of your digital photos to Doug Matthews (click here for contact info.), or if you've got 35mm photos. scan them at 300dpi and burn to a CD.

The following are details regarding the display, saving, or ordering of photos:

There are two versions of each photo available. The one displayed is a low (72 dot per inch) resolution version for screen display. The linked version (not showing) below each photo is the version from which you would want to print. To download the larger, suitable for priniting version, right click on the link and choose "save target as" (file name) to a folder on your computer hard drive of your choice. Once loaded on your machine, you can burn to a CD for printing at your favorite photo shop. The larger versions are approxmately 2 megabytes each at 150 dots per inch (some are available as 8 megabyte, 300 dot per inch versions and can be delivered through the mail on CD upon request). Depending upon whether you have dial-up, Broadband or DSL (slow or fast access to the internet), it will take a matter of minutes or seconds to download your photo choices. CD's of the photos are also available to be delivered to you through the mail. Use the contact email link if you wish to have a CD delivered to you.