U-High 1964 - 30th Class Reunion 1994

Technical details regarding the saving of these photos are on the Photo Gallery Page. If you have Lab School photos - we'll post them on your own page on this web site. The following were submitted by Doug Matthews.

01.uhigh.outside.a.tif 02.uhigh.floor.logo.a.tif 03.uhigh94.a.tif
04.uhigh94.a.tif 05.uhigh94.a.tif, Leon Kaufman, Doug Matthews and Carol Soble (Siegel) 06.uhigh.94.a.tif, John Lamb, Barbara Brown, Bill Loventhal, Bob Friedman and Doug Matthews
07.uhigh.94.a.tif, Dan Ollendorf (background left), John Lamb, Barbara Brown and Doug Matthews 08.uhigh.94.a.tif, Leo Manta, Mark Lipton and Doug Matthews 09.uhigh.94.a.tif, Paul Leventhalm Carol Soble (Siegel), Charles Siegel and Leo Manta
10.uhigh.94.a.tif, Mark Lipton, Doug Matthews, Linda Lamb, John and Joyce Lamb 11.uhigh.94.a.tif, Linda Lamb and Doug Matthews 12.uhigh.94.a.tif, Glenn Levitus, Doug Matthews, Linda Lamb and Richard (Dick) Metzger
13.uhigh.94.a.tif, Scott Spears, Judy Weinstein, Sally Bruckner (Cohen) and Doug Matthews 14.uhigh.94.a.tif, John Lamb, Sally Bruckner (Cohen), Joe Louis Barrow and Doug Matthews 15.uhigh.94.a.tif, Jeff Weston, Alan Ehrenhalt and Doug Matthews
16.uhigh.94.a.tif, Doug Matthews, Merle Gross and Andy John 17.uhigh.94.a.tif, Doug Matthews and Alan Rubin 18.uhigh.94.a.tif, Barbara Brown, Joyce and John Lamb, Doug Matthews and Mark Lipton
19.uhigh.94.a.tif, Nancy Nussbaum (Friedland) and her husband 20.uhigh.94.a.tif, John Lamb, Doug Matthews and Barbara Brown 21.uhigh.94.a.tif, John Lamb, Doug Matthews and Paul Leventhal
22.uhigh.94.a.tif, John Lamb and Doug Matthews 23.uhigh.94.a.tif, Barbara Brown in the Belfield Hall Art Studio 24.uhigh.94.a.tif, entrance to the Art Studio
25.uhigh.94.a.tif, new Middle School, completed in 1993, covers original front to U-High 26.uhigh.94.a.tif, old Sunny Gym 27.uhigh.94.a.tif, John Lamb and Doug Matthews
28.uhigh.94.a.tif, Leon Kaufman, David Rees, Doug Matthews, Jeremy Raven and Alan Ehrenhalt 29.uhigh.94.a.tif, Doug Matthews and Dan Ollendorff 30.uhigh.94.a.tif, Barbara Brown, John Lamb and Doug Matthews in front of Sunny Gym
31.uhigh.94.a.tif, the inner court between U-High and Blaine 32.uhigh.94.a.tif, inside Sunny Gym 33.uhigh.94.a.tif, Doug Matthews and Sally Bruckner (Cohen)
34.uhigh.94.a.tif 35.uhigh.94.a.tif, Joyce and John Lamb, Doug Matthews and Barbara Brown in front of Doug's old home at 5658 Blackstone 36.uhigh.94.a.tif, Barbara Brown in front of her old home on Blackstone between 58th and 59th