Around Hyde Park and U-High - 40th Class Reunion 2004

Below are photos around Hyde Park including the Lab School during the 40th Reunion June 4-6, 2004 taken by Doug Matthews. Technical details regarding saving these photos are on the Photo Gallery Page. If you have photos - we'll post them on your own page on this web site.

DSCN2458.b.jpg, entrance to Lab School on 59th DSCN2473.b.jpg The Rocks at The Point DSCN2531.b.jpg Jackson Towers, 56th and Everett, home of Gayle Grayson
DSCN2471.b.jpg Museum of Sci. and Industry DSCN2472.b.jpg The Point at 55th St. & the Lake DSCN2476.b.jpg Chicago Skyline form the Point
DSCN2477.b.jpg The Point, looking North DSCN2480.b.jpg The Point, North Side DSCN2479.b.jpg The Point
DSCN2481.b.jpg The Point DSCN2482.b.jpg Alex Conn and Bill Loventhal at The Point DSCN2483.b.jpg Doug Matthews and Bill Loventhal at The Point
DSCN2484.b.jpg The Point looking North DSCN2486.b.jpg The Point from apt. window DSCN2525.b.jpg Brett Harte Middle School, 56th at Stony Island
DSCN2526.b.jpg Jackson Park, 56th at Stony Island DSCN2527.b.jpg Jackson Park, 56th at Stony Island DSCN2528.b.jpg U. Chicago Facilities Bldg., looking South on Stony Island at 56th St.
DSCN2530.a.jpg Windemere on 56th across from Museum of Science and Industry DSCN2532.b.jpg Old Saranac Apts., Everett near 56th, home of Sally Victor DSCN2541.b.jpg 5658 Blackstone at 57th
Home of Doug Matthews

DSCN2533.b.jpg NW corner of 55th and Everett
Home of John Lamb

DSCN2535.b.jpg Everett at 55th looking South DSCN2536.b.jpg Everett at 55th looking North
DSCN2538.b.jpg Hyde Park Co-op DSCN2539.b.jpg 55th Street DSCN2571.b.jpg Barbara Brown at Middle School