Sat., June 5, 2004 Picnic: U-High 1964 - 40th Class Reunion

Here we will post photos submitted by classmates from the 40th Reunion. Technical details regarding saving these photos are on the Photo Gallery Page. If you have photos - we'll post them on your own page on this web site. The following were taken by Doug Matthews, or taken using his camera.

DSCN2562.b.jpg, Middle School addition, completed in 1993, covers original U-High facade DSCN2559.b.jpg, Bill Harms, Lab Notes Editor, Mrs. Magill and David Magill, Lab Director DSCN2561.b.jpg, north end of Midle School and east end of Belfield Hall
DSCN2549.b.jpg, Barbara Brown and Doug Matthews DSCN2550.b.jpg, Dick Metzger and son DSCN2551.b.jpg, Sue Loewy (Heine), Judy Guttenberg (Rosenberg), Merle Silverman (Gold) and Carol Soble (Siegel)
DSCN2552.b.jpg, U-High Class of 1964 DSCN2553.b.jpg, U-High Class of 1964 DSCN2555.b.jpg, Alex Conn and Anne Lindon
DSCN2556.b.jpg, Andy John, Dennis Aron and Alex Conn DSCN2557.b.jpg, Donna Katzin, David Rees and Jack Stein DSCN2558.b.jpg, Jack Stein and Doug Matthews
DSCN2563.b.jpg, U-High World History Teacher Chris Janus' impressively decorated and instructive classroom DSCN2564.b.jpg, ceiling of Chris Janus' room DSCN2565.b.jpg, another wall in Janus' room
DSCN2566.b.jpg, Alumni Dir. Eileen Epstein led us on a tour of Lab DSCN2567.b.jpg, Barbara Brown, 3 daughters, one son-in-law and 3 grandchildren came to Chicago to share the reunion DSCN2568.b.jpg, a lab at Lab
DSCN2569.b.jpg, more lab at Lab DSCN2570.b.jpg, Doug Matthews and Eileen Epstein, Lab Alumni Dir. DSCN2572.b.jpg, Sunny Gym
DSCN2546.b.jpg, the Art Studio in Belfield Hall DSCN2547.b.jpg, more Art Studio DSCN2548.b.jpg, more Art Studio
DSCN2545.b.jpg, the hall entrance to Art Studio