Fri. Evening, June 4, 2004, U-High 1964 - 40th Class Reunion

Here we will post photos submitted by classmates from the 40th Reunion. Technical details regarding saving these photos are on the Photo Gallery Page. If you have photos - we'll post them on your own page on this web site. The following were taken by Doug Matthews, or taken with his camera.

DSCN2468.b.jpg, Lab Dir. David Magill at 2PM opening of Class of 1954 time capsule DSCN2490.b.jpg, Delia Jolly (Coy) and Bill Loventhal DSCN2492.b.jpg, Art Taxman, Mark Plotkin, Glenn Levitus, Doug Matthews
DSCN2493.b.jpg, Richard (Dick) Metzger and Tim Stutzman DSCN2494.b.jpg, Dennis Aron, David Strandjord and Jeff Weston DSCN2495.b.jpg, Bill Loventhal, Doug Matthews, Paul Leventhal and Bob Friedman
DSCN2496.b.jpg, Judy Guttenberg (Rosenberg) and Barbara Brown DSCN2498.b.jpg, Paul Leventhal & Doug Matthews DSCN2499.b.jpg, Alan Rubin, Paul Leventhal, Doug Matthews and Jeff Weston
DSCN2500.b.jpg, Glenn Levitus and (wants to remain anonymous) DSCN2502.b.jpg, Doug Matthews, Alan Rubin and Leo Manta DSCN2503.b.jpg, Sally Victor (Jayson) and Doug Matthews
DSCN2506.b.jpg, Alex Conn and Andy John DSCN2507.b.jpg, Donna Katzin and Merle Gross DSCN2508.b.jpg, Bob Friedman and Jeff Weston
DSCN2512.b.jpg, Tim Stutzman, Bob Friedman and Dan Levine DSCN2516.b.jpg, Judy Guttenberg (Rosenberg), Leo Manta and Andy John DSCN2518.b.jpg, Delia Jolly and Donna Katzin
DSCN2521.b.jpg, Sally Victor (Jayson) and (wants to remain anonymous) DSCN2523.b.jpg, Doug Matthews, Leon Kaufmann and Paul Leventhal